The project partners



Within the MISSP project SAAB is the Topic Leader and origin of the project topic and objectives. SAAB, besides being a multi-industry actor, is well known in the field of aerospace for their light single-engine fighter aircraft (Gripen). The company is also an experienced subcontractor for civil aerospace, preparing subassemblies for main aircraft manufacturers.


SONACA is a world leader in the field of the design and manufacturing of aircraft components and (sub)assemblies for wing structures such as the fix leading edges. SONACA also offers other engineering services to manufacturing industries.

CRM Group (BE)

CRM Group is known for their R&D activities related to the production, transformation, coating and use of metallic materials.  They strongly focus on value creation for the industry by developing innovative processes and products. They combine skilled and experienced research teams with unparalleled testing facilities covering the whole manufacture chain of metals (from raw materials to advanced steel applications).

3D Metalforming (NL)

3D METAL FORMING is the global leader in metal forming of very large and complex, double curved,  shapes for the Aerospace, Architectural and Energy/Big Science Markets. Thanks to their unique equipment and knowledge regarding High Energy Hydro Forming and metallic materials they are able to propose innovative solutions for economically obtaining neat-net-shapes.

Small cargo door sample after HEHF and machining

Robot equipped with laser-GMAW welding head  (CRM Group)